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Our company name Tampereen Otsoniterapia can be freely translated in English as The Ozone Therapy Of Tampere, which was founded in 2008 by ozone therapist and nurse Alla Honkanen. We are located in downtown Tampere, Finland.

Alla Honkanen

Ozone therapist, founder of Tampereen Otsoniterapia

What is ozone therapy?

Ozone is a natural antioxidant and antibiotic, or antiseptic agent that destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi. Ozone therapy is therefore a general term treatments, in which ozone gas is used as a medicament. Ozone has been used as a method of treatment for decades throughout Europe and the world, with excellent results, and it will help the treatment of very different diseases and pain conditions.

A safe and natural treatment

Ozone therapy is completely safe and natural medical treatment that has no side effects. Care to help long-term for many ailments such as various body pains and circulatory disorders - enhancing the entire body at the cellular level peripheral circulation is always from head to toe.

Our international partners

Tampereen Otsoniterapia's founder and entrepreneur Mrs. Alla Honkanen (nurse, ozone therapist) is having international collaboration with many different countries and known specialists, in particular plastic surgeon working in Paris, France, and the internationally renowned Dr Laurent Benadiban methods and plasma treatments.

Paris Ozone Therapy Clinic services are used by a number of internationally well-known personalities for example the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

Co-operation internationally all over the world

Tampere Ozone Therapy partners around the world. Paris Ozone Therapy Clinic and there, in particular the clinic, as well as the whole of France's leading ozone therapy physician Dr Georges Monnier.

Alania Central Hospital (Turkey), Moscow Lafater clinic (Russia), Doctor Clinic Ozon (Russia), St Petersburg Ozone Therapy Clinic (Russia), Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy (Russia), IntegralMed; Dr Jorge Gonzalez Torres (Centro Integral de Medic Tenerife, Spain) and the City of Kazan University Hospital (Tatarstan).

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Mrs. Alla Honkanen

Nurse, Ozone Therapist
Founder of Tampereen Otsoniterapia